Have you ever felt the need to mess around at a funeral? Have you ever thought that perhaps, it would so incredibly funny (and slightly inappropriate)? Well I've got the game for you...

The purpose of this game is to mess around. You can move around with the [arrow keys], or [WASD]. Press SPACE to roll for a random action. Then E to interact and see what mayhem you can cause. Now, of course, you might consider the title of the game, and not ruin a funeral... but you already do that in real life, so let your inner mischief run rampant.

"DON'T RUIN A FUNERAL is a magnificent game in pristine 26k, with breaking edge graphics and mechanics. A wonder of its time." - IGN, probably? I don't know.

Game Developers:

Jack McPherson
Nichola Humphreys
Arthur A.
Danny Miles

Credits:”>Music by HookSounds


Download 80 MB


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Pretty odd, but fun


Your game starts at 07:03. This was a good time! Lil Beef enjoyed trying out all your funeral ruining choices. It was a cleaver way in incorporate using the dice. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

This was a very funny game. Great job!